Trying to find employment alone is not an enjoyable task. The excitement of a new career is often overshadowed by the dull chore of job searching. But in the current world, you cannot go too long without a job. As recruiters we are here to make the search easier and faster whilst still landing you a dream job. By using a recruiter, you have someone on your side who knows the job requirements and strongly believes that you are more than capable to fulfil them.

Many hours are wasted daily by candidate’s job searching, scrolling and reading through thousands of jobs and descriptions. Recruiters spend their hours at work, searching for people like you to match all your skills and experience with the perfect job.  Recruiters know the jobs that are vacant and they devote their time to matching a candidate with each of these jobs. They have direct contact with the firms hiring manager, which means they are often discussing roles that haven’t even made it to the public eye yet.

Your current network is probably small in comparison to a recruiter who is in contact with a variety of companies. When you send your application to a HR department through a job board, you are one of many, sometimes hundreds and that one document represents you. Once you begin with a recruiter, they take the time to know you, your skills and experience, your ambitions for the future and the environment and culture you desire to work in. They will only send your details to contacts who will be interested in hiring you.

Finding the right job for a candidate is in a recruiter’s best interest. They know their clients and they know how to identify what kind of candidate best fits the client’s needs. This knowledge also means that they can provide you with details about the business that you might not learn from the basic job description, including the workplace culture. A successful placement creates a good relationship between the recruiter, employer and you.

Recruiters are constantly striving to provide the best candidates to their clients, as well as providing the candidate with an unforgettable experience. A recruiter will assist you with the entire job searching process, right through to landing the job you dreamed of, answering all your questions along the way. A recruiter will back you during the interview nerves, offer interview tips, helpful insider knowledge and support you through 0000000the unsuccessful and the successful applications. Having someone in your court during the process makes the interview a significantly less stressful.

A recruiter will work hard for you until they secure you a dream job, meaning you are constantly on their radar and not forgotten about.

If you are looking to re-enter work, find a new career or even just need a fresh change of job, contact us at RE Resource Group so we can work together to land you a dream job. Our consultants work closely with both candidates and clients to make the perfect match.

We help great people, find great jobs.