Changing our approach.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate and with the restrictions slowly easing, will we all go back to the way things were?

We have no doubt that many businesses will embrace remote working and see the benefits it can bring, from increased productivity, employee morale and retention to reduced costs, commuting and levels of stress.

The recruitment world is no exception and we need to embrace the changes and look to new ways of working, recruiting and interviewing.

Interviewing remotely isn’t a new concept and in recent years there has been an influx of new technology available to support the recruitment process including both live and on-demand interviewing solutions and many of the existing platforms that seem to have sat dormant on companies networks for years, have now suddenly become the best ‘new’ thing with use of them increasing tremendously.

The practicalities

Asking people to travel to take annual leave and attend an interview in person is no longer practical and, in some circumstances, unwise. On-demand interviewing enables the candidates to record their interviews at their leisure and answer the questions in a more relaxed way.

Talent acquisition platforms which automate the applications by scanning applicants CVs for specific experience and skills are also on the rise, as are chatbots which can automate responses clever enough to pass for a human.

Move with the times

The traditional assessment centres as we know it may need to change or certainly be run more efficiently. Is a digital assessment centre possible? There are clearly benefits, such as removing travel expenses and offering the ability to record interviews and group exercises for later reviewing. (following GDPR compliance of course!).

Interviews and presentations could be live still and introductions and briefs could be pre-recorded, but here are clearly more challenges when it comes to the group exercises and require careful planning and management. Sharing materials on screen to create a digital forum for candidates to work together on a task (no cameras) whilst an assessor observes can replicate the live environment.

Back to basics

Whilst we must move with the times  and provide a range of solutions that accommodate the new way of working and our clients demands, there’s a lot to be said for putting on your trainers and asking a candidate to join you on a healthy stomp up a hill – I guarantee you’ll learn a lot!