Are you a recent graduate trying to decide on the right career path? Are you returning to work after having a career break and are unsure about the type of work that would make you happy?

Temp agencies such as RE Group could hold the answer. We supply highly skilled workers to a variety of industries and categories such as accounting and finance, marketing and communications, engineering, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, office and administrative.

We can provide you with a huge number of opportunities to work in different roles and in different sized companies. Want to work for a start-up or Blue Chip? No problem.

Advantages to working on a temporary basis, to see which type of roles best suit you and make you happy include;

  • The opportunity to work for companies ranging from start-ups right through to Blue Chips.
  • Working in different industries and see what fits you and makes you happy.
  • Updating and utilising the skills you have not used in a while.
  • Getting your foot in the door at companies you would love to work for.
  • Finding out what type of work makes you happy and getting that full-time position.

The old adage of ‘try it, you might like it’ has never rang so true. At RE Group we don’t offer jobs, we offer career opportunities that can change your life and make you happy.