Here at RE Resource Group, we are a very social lot. Even though we spend many hours a week working together, we often will go out for a drink after work, go bowling or attend other social events as a team. This Saturday, our Cheltenham office will be heading to the Cheltenham Races, recently our Hereford and Worcester teams went out for meals as a team and we are all looking forward to our Christmas Party in December. We find there are many advantages to the socialising we do together, and although a choice thing, everyone wants to get involved. Socialising outside of work, not only allows us to build relationships beyond the office walls but also allows us to see each other in different situations away from work demands.


As the saying goes “Teamwork makes the dream work”, social basis is more likely to make you understand each other when the pressure really hits, and It is essential to collaborate. Better team work comes when you know more about your colleagues than just their skills and abilities. Socialising away from work also means you can mix with members of different teams and get to know more of those you don’t ordinarily work with. Forming tighter bonds is so important for the success of a business and means they will work better together when they are back in the office environment. Socialising with co-workers away from work, can really help to build a happier working environment. Knowing your colleagues on a friendly

Emotional Support/Happier Team

We have all experienced days where motivation is lacking, and you spend your day watching the clock, but being surrounded by people that can recognise this happening and know how to spark inspiration is effective team work. One person’s positive energy is enough to be infectious for the whole team. Generally, socialising and having fun with colleagues outside of work will help to build friendships within the office environment, making it more fun and friendlier. According to recent research, employee satisfaction was boosted by 50% in workers who had close friendships. Like any friendships, it’s important to build a sense of compassion and having someone you can turn to within the office during tough times, creates a healthy environment that you will want to return to each day, no matter the struggles you may be going through in personal and working life.

Knowledge Sharing

Although away from work, we don’t necessarily want all conversation to revolve around work, it is likely to be brought up at some point, but there are advantages. Often, emails and other communications will be sent around the office and are often over looked by some. However, during socialising, employees often share updates on projects and events coming up. This also brings outside discussion to these matters, creating a more relaxed or casual setting for all to share their ideas. Also, when it comes to sharing information, it also encourages a range of perspectives and opinions which can only add to our ability to evaluate work and life.

Having friends in the work place will allow you to share you working day with people you can trust and rely on. So, what have you got to lose? Organise a lunch with your work friends, go bowling on a Friday or organise your teams next social outing. Making friends isn’t always easy, but by being involved you may be surprised by the friendships you’ll make with your colleagues. Building relationships at work can be an amazing tool to further your personal and professional career.