Recruitment involves multiple stages and can often be a time-consuming process! The opportunity to make this process more efficient was something we wanted to solve, and we are proud of achieving exactly that by introducing our new digital platform, REVision!

With the use of video communication, this new tool has revolutionised our hiring process, enabling us to cut time and to focus on what is most important.  Technology makes it easier for us to connect with people no matter where they are in the world. This makes the recruitment process a lot easier for Candidate and Clients searching for the right people.

Benefits for Candidates:

For our candidates, getting your application acknowledged is key to getting in the door, after all, first impressions count! REVision enable candidates to stand out from the crowd with the opportunity to create and attach a short video with their application via REVision.

  • Remove the need for 1st stage interviews as candidates would only be asked to attend a second stage rather than a registration and a first stage interview
  • Conducting interviews online to get candidate buy in and build rapport with the consultant
  • Better engagement
  • Solo interviews can be done at anytime
  • Live interviews can be done from a mobile device so again easier to manage
  • Better candidate experience as they have already deemed them the right fit when they attend the face to face interview, not wasting any other time.
  • As they can produce at any time or at any place, we are automatically informed of when a video is produced (in email) so we know when to send over the application.

Benefit for Clients

Using video interviews gives you the opportunity to shorten the recruitment process, avoiding wasted time on long email threads, coordinating interview panels etc… using the video process means you can review candidates more thoroughly and the shortlist can be presented in one package. It has been shown that those selected for face to face interviews after video interviewing are deemed suitable by the client in over 70% of cases. A study from the Kurt Lewis Institute suggested that using video interviews could also help to reduce unconscious bias and make the hiring process fairer for all.

  • Your specific questions can be embedded into REVision by us.
  • Review the interviews with the rest of the hiring managers without coordinating diaries
  • Can reduce time to hire by 4 weeks
  • You are less likely to lose good candidates due to the process being too long Diary coordination/travelling to interviews
  • By asking for the hiring Manager’s first stage interview questions the client can then decide if they want to conduct a first stage or skip to second stage interview
  • Can receive multiple interviewed candidates in one link with all documents attached that can be accessed from any device
  • You can see more candidates initially as videos are only 5-7 mins long, saving hiring managers time by meeting weaker candidates for first stage interviews.
  • Improve access to the passive candidate market

Live interviews can be recorded.

Review and compare multiple candidates.

Set your questions so that Candidates can record their questions.

Review the shortlisted Candidates.

We are offering Clients the facility to use REVision to help manage their trainees and graduates as a communication & training tool – is this something that could help you?

Want to find out more about how REVision could help with your recruitment process? Contact us today!

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