All too often we throw our efforts into how we come across in our application – CVs, cover letters, portfolios, or letters. A vital step to getting that well-deserved interview, but what happens now? While it’s crucial we say the right thing, it is equally important you know ‘how’ to present content. Don’t let all your late-night preparation go to waste, by letting your nerves get the better of you on the day!

Evidence suggests that 55% of interviewer’s attention is influenced by body language and expression; make sure you communicate a positive message to the employer in your next interview with these body language tips.

Make your first impression count

We all want to make a good first impression, so set the tone to the interviewer from the get go.  In fact, 50% of interviewers justify the elimination of a candidate simply on how they present themselves when walking through the door, while 40% would say the same about a lack of smile. Introducing yourself with a smile, upheld stance and, of course, a handshake upon arrival, you’ll come across as a friendly and exuding confidence.

Good communication

However daunting it may be, don’t forget…eye contact! There’s no doubt you’ll have heard this advice many times before, but it is essential if you are to convey your interest in the job to the interviewer.   Maintaining eye contact demonstrates you’re attentive to what is being asked and engaged when communicating a point. Don’t take this to mean you should stare fixatedly – allow for those brief breaks looking elsewhere!

Along with eye contact try not to speak too fast, as much as a challenge this may be. Nerves can accelerate your speech as a result of significantly higher heart rate, so consider a few breathing exercises before commencing the interview to help slow your speaking.

Find your best position

Throughout the duration of the interview, you certainly don’t want to be a fidget, nor endure a cramp while remaining in an awkward position. Resting fully into your seat you’re likely to slouch or forced into a position you may eventually find uncomfortable.  We advise you to lean slightly forward with your shoulders back, as this will enable you to control a strong posture and feel more dynamic.

Arms convey a lot

It’s simple, show your hands. By removing your hands from under the table and making them more visible, it is proved to help your chances of getting a job, as a sign of honesty.  You can do so by simply resting them on the table.  That’s not to say they should draw attention away from you; avoid any of your idiosyncrasies such as fiddling with your hair, jewellery or stationery.

Similarly, avoid crossing your arms as this will translate hostility. It has been found that 20% of interviewers would not consider candidates who persistently crossed their arms during the interview.

Be yourself

The best way to come across as relaxed, confident and authentic is by ultimately being yourself. Speak as you would naturally and use words you feel most comfortable with.  Above all, express how proud you are of your achievements, and try to enjoy the interview.  View any interview as a valuable experience as this will help you feel most at ease.

If you would like to refine your interview techniques, we are happy to help you with interview practice. Get in touch with us today!