What do I do in an average day? Another question I get asked pretty frequently.

The brief answer is there is no average day in recruitment.

The longer answer is – what don’t I do! I often get told recruitment is easy by people who have never worked in recruitment; it’s just throwing a few CVs around – if only it was that simple.

The last year has seen me wear a variety of different hats.

The Researcher

I am not an Engineer, however, for the last 5 years, I have recruited almost exclusively for Engineering and Technical roles. This involves many hours (often evenings) learning about different roles and industries. I will always research a client fully before opening a dialogue and then again before each visit to see if there is any industry news that needs to be shared.

I am not an Engineer but I have 5 years of experience working with Engineering companies and Engineers in different industries.

The Specialist

Attracting, managing, and retaining talent has so many processes and stages that can differ from client to client, no two people are the same and therefore it’s crucial we treat each case individually and this applies to both candidate and client.

The Negotiator

The world of recruitment can be pretty fast-paced at times, always furious, and often stressful!

Often the negotiation isn’t with the client around the fee involved but with the hiring manager and the candidate to ensure the role is suitable for all parties.

The Salesperson

The best opportunities and employers will all come with a level of competition, even when it comes to getting a foot in the door for a first stage interview.

The Partner

Where RE works best is where we can truly partner with our clients; have access to hiring managers, understand your issues, and help to find the right people to move the business forward. Just handing over a job description and saying “find me one of these” often will be the biggest barrier to finding the best hire. By partnering with RE we can match your culture and the traits you require that may not be on a CV. I’ve always said that the most important attribute of any candidate is never on a CV – their attitude. Work with the right partner and that attitude can be evaluated prior to hiring.

The Mentor/Social Worker

I’ve been a career coach, I’ve been a mentor – I’ve listened when candidates are having issues in both their professional and private lives. I’ve even advised candidates to stay in their current role even though they match the requirements of a role I am working on!

The Estate Agent

I’ve assisted candidates moving from overseas, I’ve picked them up from the airport and then taken them to their interviews. I have shown them around houses virtually using facetime.

The Manager

As well as being a recruiter I also look after a great team of recruiters, each of whom are having their own ups and downs on the rollercoaster that is recruitment. Managing performance and ensuring they can achieve as best they can.

The Student

As well as all this I am studying my MBA.

So yes, recruitment is easy, it is just throwing a few CVs around!

Chris Rooum

Head of Professional Services