During the busy summer period, RE Resource Group was graced with the help of Isobel, a graphic design student currently studying at Bath Spa University.   Assisting in the marketing department during a 6-week work placement, Isobel proved to be a valuable asset to our marketing team, offering fresh perspectives on marketing content and pitching her creative flare to all visual media produced.  While we are thankful for all she has brought to RE Resource Group, here, Isobel kindly discusses her views on temporary work and her personal experience with us… 

Like many students, I am trying to balance moving between home and university. I want to enjoy time off, and yet, also have an income.  I’m desperately trying to work out how on earth to get a job at the end of all this. It’s well known that the job market is highly competitive, that pressure is on to become well equipped for the job search after university is finished. The one thing that kept coming up when discussing how to boost my employability was to have experience. However, as someone not completely sure on what career I would like to pursue, the idea of even getting experience seemed difficult. How do I know what experience I need? This is where Temporary Work Contracts began to stand out and suggest their worth to me, as they quickly ticked several boxes for what I need from a job during this time.

I need my roles to be flexible. Summer seems long but after taking away a couple of pre-existing plans and holidays, the space available to work is quickly reduced. This suited temporary work perfectly. The summer placement I went on to complete, at RE Resource Group, had short time spans and so could fit ideally between holidays. RE Resource Group, by definition, had no expectation that I would be able to work for longer than the dates given so I’ve not needed to worry about leaving. The hiring process seemed a lot quicker, many companies urgently need temporary workers, so less time is wasted waiting for the role to be ready, and more is spent on gaining both experience and income. The people at RE Resource Group suddenly made it possible for me to do something about my worries, regardless of my summer commitments and gave me an income during my time with them.

My main desire was to gain this highly sought-after working experience. One reason behind the competitive job market is due to increased rates of people attending university, meaning getting a qualification is not always enough. Therefore, it is highly important to be able to demonstrate the skills you have and be able to prove that with real-life working examples of where you used or gained that ability. Assisting the Marketing team, I have now been exposed to numerous different industry-specific systems, tools and programmes. These have all cemented different design and marketing skills, that I can now confidently reference to a future employee and give a clear example of when I have used each. My time at RE Resource Group has given me an extra layer to my CV, which will be appreciated in the future.

Being someone who is undecided on my career path, I have used temporary work to experiment different avenues of the industry I hope to work in, to get a feel for the directions available. Being unsure on a career path can be worrying and deciding on your goal can be incredibly tough, especially within an industry where there is so much choice. I have come to much more secure opinions from trialling avenues with temporary roles than I ever did whilst I was painstakingly researching possible avenues or basing my opinion off here-say. This has meant I am feeling increasingly confident in my ideas for what role I would like to be aiming for after university, rather than it being complete guess work.

Aside from ticking the boxes for jobs and employers, I have found that temporary working is also a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friendships and step outside of my comfort zone. It’s been extremely helpful for me to hear advice and opinions from people working within the industry. From ideas on what jobs to research, to the specific information about how to apply and what to be aware of, all the information I have gathered has made a real impact on my views for the future. I now feel a lot more confident on what areas seem best suited to me and have some new ideas about what I’d like to try next summer.

I have certainly appreciated the benefits RE Resource Group have offered this summer and am already keen to be sorting placements for next year. With so many companies offering short-term opportunities for work it really is possible to find something suitable for you. The benefit of having a variety of industry-specific experience is invaluable.