The Sunday Blues. A term used by many but meant seriously by a certain section of people. The weekends seem to go by fast and the weeks drag as you continuously count the days and hours down until 5pm, Friday. Why should you only enjoy two days out of the seven days in a week? You shouldn’t. Perhaps each day should be lived as well as the weekends are. If you constantly wake up on a Monday morning heading to a job you detest with that feeling of dread, wishing that it was still the weekend then you are most definitely in the wrong job. For certain, everyone enjoys their weekend, but it is also possible to have a job you love that make Mondays and every other day not that bad at all. If you are prepared to make an effort and make those extra 5 days worthwhile then you have come to the correct place. 

Positive Mindset 

The beginning of a positive change comes with a positive mindset. Thinking the day will be bad before its even started is likely to have that exact effect. It may be hard to start with but trying to look for the positive in each day will affect your mood and those around you. Some people try singing, listening to music or simply thinking of the good things in your life, can make you happier. If a glass of wine a night, half a block of chocolate or a gym session helps to improve your mood then focus on these each day. Spending time on things you enjoy will energise you and help you foster a positive outlook. With this, the more easily you will be able to deal with the areas of your life that aren’t perfect and start implementing change. 


Ask your employers for what you want. 

If you think working from home one day a week or slightly tweaking your responsibilities will improve the way you feel about your job, then ask for it to happen. If you don’t ask for it then you have very little room for complaining.  Before speaking with your manager, get clear in your mind, what it is you would like and think of the issues that your manager may find with your suggestions. Once you’ve recognised the problems that may occur, find solutions and be prepared to support exactly what you are proposing and explain the benefits. If your manager still seems to be reluctant after negotiation, perhaps a trial period would be more appropriate. 


Stop hanging with the haters 

In each organisation, you may find a group of people who take great delight in putting the company down. This group are the ultimate cynics, discussing the other employers and being generally uninterested in the work they are doing. Hearing about all the negatives in the workplace makes it difficult to see the positives and ultimately will lead to you feeling the same and not enjoying the environment you are in. However, spending time with more positive minded colleagues will dramatically shift the emotional response to your job. 


Work harder and learn something. 

Perhaps you do find your job boring or feel like you are doing the same constant tasks, day in and day out. If your job isn’t keeping you busy enough or is only requiring use of half your attention, then this could explain why you are unhappy. Majority of people are happiest when they are at an optimum level of engagement-being neither under or over challenged. If your learning has plateaued out at work, aim to learn more and make your job more interesting. Perhaps your eagerness to learn will improve your work ethics as well as add more value to the organisation. 


Get Sleep 

Sleep is very important to our bodies and allows our bodies to repair themselves, as well as being good for the mind. Sleep is something taken for granted by many and the amount we require each night will depend on what we do throughout the day. There is no magic hour to go to sleep and wake up, but aiming or 8 hours a night is a starting point. You will wake up feeling well rested, revived and ready to start a fresh day-hopefully with an optimistic mindset! 

Sometimes making a bit of effort to find more satisfaction at work can have a positive impact. Throughout the year, there’s approximately 104 weekend days with over 261 week days to enjoy. Stop living for the weekend and make those days count. Monday could soon be a day you look forward to. Be present and enjoy each day. 

If you really are fed up of your job and needing a change of job or a new career, get in contact with our consultants at RE Resource Group. We help great people to find great jobs.