Maintaining your health as a driver is undeniably a challenge when on the road…from the erratic schedules, deadlines and traffic jams to deal with.  Snacking and meals are often quick and unhealthy and so makes a healthy lifestyle a real task. But they needn’t be…look no further, meet the Healthy Trucker!  Here is your online resource for real-world advice on healthy habits and tactics for truck drivers to incorporate in their life when behind the wheel. Eric Banter, the guru himself offers tips on health changes, money management and tips to enjoy happiness – also described as your co-driver for “Fitness of mind, body & wallet”.

What sort of tips and advice are given? The Healthy Trucker is particularly good at offering advice that meet the specific needs of drivers and to resolve the difficulties they face day to day; quite often it is these small steps taken that make all the difference!  Knowledge and tips also provided from real truck drivers, Eric Banter offers his advice around planning enjoyable, nutritious and easy meals. Not sure what to prepare before getting behind the wheel? Regular Updates on recipes and meal preps are made available on his YouTube Channel and can also help in saving that little extra pocket money. Additionally, one should never doubt the importance of fitness; drivers are no different to those in office jobs, both require people to be seated over long periods of time.  Sitting still for miles and miles, drivers need a time to stretch and to move around. The Healthy Trucker has plenty of video guides on easy exercises to integrate into ones driving routine, as featured on both the Facebook page and YouTube Channel. Simple movements, such as wrist stretches, can be vital for drivers.  Truck drivers put a lot of strain on their arms and hands and so circular wrist actions, even inside your cab, are necessary for preventing wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Likewise, sitting in an upright position can cause upper body strain and can cause stiffness, and so with video demonstrations you can safely replicate stretches to help keep muscles healthy and to fight fatigue.  Fitness videos can be found on both the Healthy Trucker Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Established among social media, the healthy trucker has received a great response from people within the transport industry. Holding 5.5k followers on Facebook and 5k subscribers on his YouTube channel, why not take on board some valuable and worth-while advice as a driver and go give the Healthy Trucker a follow!