Company Culture is the personality of the company. A company’s culture is unique and personal to them, and, when aligned with personal values it defines the environment in which employees work. It is important to have a company culture, whether it be team-based across all levels, formal or more casual with few rules and regulations. The culture of a company defines who they are as a whole. Workers are more likely to enjoy their time in work when the culture suits them, and their needs and values are consistent with those in the workplace. Fitting in to company culture is an essential element of enjoying work, getting along with co-workers and being more productive. Alternatively, if someone is working in a company where they don’t fit with the culture they are likely to have an unhealthy relationship with work, in general.

Google is an example of an organisation with a clear company culture. According to the website, the company still feels like a small company with an informal atmosphere, even though it had grown tremendously. Sadly, more often than not, it’s not until after the interview, job acceptance and a few weeks into the job that an employee will find the culture is not suited to you. Whether they first notice the moody receptionist that doesn’t crack a smile as someone enters the office, the scattered boxes across the office aisles or the odd quietness that fills the office each day.


When a worker fits with a company culture, they are likely to be happier but also more productive, and therefore want to stay with the company longer. To have a company culture that is seen from the outside through, current employees representing them, through social media or well known repertoire, attracts people to want to work for the business. Not only this, but it also encourages customers to want to work with you. Considering the amount of time you are likely to spend at work, and thinking about work, your job should not just be about the pay check. It is essential for both employee and employer to ensure there is a good fit. It would never be wrong to pass an opportunity if you didn’t feel the culture of the company was one that would make you happy.

At RE Resource Group we have a strong company culture that each of us are proud to be a part of and we strive to represent our values of integrity, empowered, expert agile, fun and driven each day. Keep following our blog as we explore more ideas of company culture. If you are in search of your dream job with a fitting company culture, contact our consultants as they match great people with great jobs.