CaterCrew are now proud members of the Hospitality Action Employee Assistance Programme. This programme is designed specifically to assist hospitality people by providing specialist and confidential advice. There are a number of issues that staff in hospitality may face that the programme can assist with including health and wellbeing, financial pressures, work life balance, personal challenges, coping with alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions or legal issues. The programme offers a 24/7 assistance line where an expert can be contacted anytime to offer phone, online or face to face counselling. Hospitality, and particularly chefs are now deemed to be one of the most stressed employee populations in the UK.


One in four adults and one in ten children experience mental illness. A survey carried out by CV Library recently found that just over half of staff working in bars, restaurants and hotels have considered resigning from their job due to the lack of support in their workplace with just over 46% of respondents saying that aspects of their job caused them to feel anxious or depressed. Working in hospitality often requires customer interaction as well as the ability to provide a quality service. Due to fierce competition, the pressure of maintaining impeccable customer service paired with the long, anti-social hours of work, this can form a huge risk to depression and other mental health issues.Most sufferers of a mental health issue choose not to speak out about how they feel and are afraid to be branded an employment risk and possibly lose their job. Dissimilar to many other illnesses, the signs are difficult to see, but for many getting out of bed and getting to work each day is an accomplishment that takes a lot of courage. 44% of UK hospitality workers would not talk to anybody if they had a mental health problem. However, despite the shame that people feel about their health, research shows that mental health conditions are caused by a combination of genetics, biological, psychological and environmental factors and not personal weakness or character defects as some may think.

A person living with a mental illness will tell you that being able to talk is a life saver. With recent statistics in mind, it is likely that one member of your team is battling with something that you know nothing about. This is where Hospitality Action can lend a hand. All our temporary staff now know that they have full access to this confidential scheme. Last year, over 110,000 employees from 182 companies were able to access expert help, support and assistance 24/7, 365 days a year via the Hospitality Action Employee Assistance Programme. In 2017, the programme supported 2,089 of these people in need of assistance. Never be afraid to seek help.